Our Services

Our Services

Welcome to ChengCo. Leader in the production and supplies of all kinds Agricultural & Food products,Cosmetics,Skin& Beauty Products,HardwareProducts,Machines,Stationery,Bag,Shoes,Cloths,Home Improvement products and Medical related products with a world class testing facilities to test and confirm products. We offer a wide range production of all kinds of copy papers with different GSM, Sizes & Brightness of high performance. We're renowned in the production of the best quality with a production and supply capacity of over 15000 Tons monthly. Superior quality at reasonable prices and stylish design of Labels & Logos on packaging as per clients request. Our products are in high demand and are extensively used by companies, schools, offices, supermarkets, houses, hospitals etc.

We also offer a wide and extensive production and supplies of News Print Papers, Paper Boards, Bond Papers, Kraft Papers, Photographic Papers, Bags, Shoes, Cloths and lot more to meet up with the demands and requirements of other customers. Various quality can be made available within a few days as per clients request.

We are a world class manufacturer and supplier, we guarantee high quality products and we strive to keep a long-term business relationships with our valued customers.

Our products are in high demand, recognised and trusted by our customers in the America, Europe, Asia and Africa markets. Over the years, we've achieved a prominent position in the Market with a well established close relationship with most importers from all over the world.

The company started in 1981 as a small backyard operation manufacturing ruled paper products, writing pads and notebooks for students. The company later evolved into a multi-company enterprise managing a chain of branded products that are highly visible in the consumer market today.

ChengCo. strongest legacy today is its brands, many of which have been part of the Filipino people for over two decades.

In the dynamic construction and homebuilding industry, it is a must for key players to be at par with world-class standards while ensuring its competitive edge in the local industry.


ChengCo. is a “ONE STOP SHOP” for high quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishing and a complete line of hardware items and accessories. In the Philippines, ChengCo. is the pioneer in the home depot business concept and we are now in our 15th year of dedicated service to our patrons and customers which include among others contractors, engineers, architects, interior designer, developers, institutions, building administrators and homeowners.

The “Home Depot” business concept is one legacy that ChengCo. can certainly lay claim as its contribution to the industry.  It’s a concept which resulted to the emergence of two major Cheng Manufacturing Co. facilities located at: Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur Philippines Apart from its pioneering and innovative business sense, Cheng Manufacturing Co. also prides itself with the high level of Customer Relations Management (Customer Service), product quality and competitive prices. This paradigm is the hallmark of Cheng Manufacturing Co. and enable customers to ultimate shopping conveniences.

In addition to its huge hardware stores, on its (2) branches at Malaybalay City and Cebu City, MC Home Depot also has a myriad of tenant showrooms and specialty stores that offer various items such as wood and wood products, lights and electrical accessories, flooring and roofing products, furniture and appliances, home and office furnishing and other home building items and accessories making up a wide range of products for customers to choose from.

ChengCo. also offer value added services such as paint mixing at Malaybalay City and Cebu City, and master keying and key duplication at Malaybalay City.  ChengCo. is also set to expand other related services for the convenience of shoppers and customers. One such endeavor is the development of an ChengCo. website where online shoppers can conveniently do their shopping 24/7 for 365 days. Thru the MC website we extend to service the needs of OFW’s, balikbayans and local shoppers who do not have the luxury of time to personally come and buy at our stores.

We also conceptualize and put up expos and exhibits in line with hardware and construction products, home improvements and other related endeavors, with the participation of our supplier and tenant showrooms and stores. During the events, we conduct seminars and product demos and we usually invite architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, building administrators as well as students to attend.

ChengCo. has also among its services the ChengCo. CARD which gives privileges to member customers.  Since its inception, it has a growing roster of satisfied member customers who are able to enjoy the benefits of being an SCheng Manufacturing Co. card holder.

Overall, “ChengCo.” has become synonymous with the word “Home Depot”, and it makes it convenient for customers to look for quality products at the most competitive prices because of its “One Stop Shop” concept. ChengCo. has established its own niche not only in the construction and hardware industry, and most importantly to the buying public.  The two (2) branches of ChengCo. are open daily and most holidays and deliveries are from Monday to Saturday. Sunday and holiday deliveries can also be arranged.

ChengCo. will remain committed in providing its customers and the buying public the best value for their money and is always on a continuing process of improving its array of products and services to make it truly a “ONE STOP SHOP” home depot.