About Us

ChengCo., Philippines , founded in 1978, is currently one of the largest manufacturer in South East Asia. Backed by 22 years of experience in the production and supplying of Agricultural & Food products,Cosmetics,Skin& Beauty Products, Hardware Products, Machines, Stationery, Bag, Shoes, Cloths, Home Improvement products and Medical related products.

ChengCo., has grown into a full fledge manufacturer and supplying of Agricultural & Food products,Cosmetics, Skin& Beauty Products, Hardware Products, Machines, Stationery, Bag, Shoes, Cloths, Home Improvement products and Medical related products, operating from 2 factory sites, spanning across 170,000 square meters, with over 20 printing presses and over 40 high tech slitting machines.Our FSC certified and CE approved products, has further strengthened our global brand presence, in more than 350 countries worldwide which we currently serve.

Our operational capabilities and sound technical know – how has garnered us OEM partnerships with several major brands and continued preferred supplier contracts with major and prestigious companies worldwide.Our success lies in our commitment towards quality and service which we have upheld for the last 22 years. We have the capabilities to meet even the most stringent quality requirements to help our customers improve their sales, protect their margins and protect their business against competition. Our financial strength gives us bulk purchasing capabilities to ensure our products are competitive and very cheap.. ChengCo. is always at the forefront, in identifying , developing and introducing new products to enable our customers to compete effectively in which ever markets they are selling in.


Our Mission

To continuously improve people, our processes and our technology

To produce high quality, innovative, and affordable products which are preferred by consumers

To ensure availability of our products to consumers

To achieve growth level equal to or better than the norms of the paper industry


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a world class manufacturer and supplier company with a diversified portfolio of consumer products that are market leaders in their respective categories.


Core Values

RESPECT: We treat each other with respect and fairness.
QUALITY: We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the quality of every product we make and in every activity we perform.
INTEGRITY: We conduct honestly and professionally.
TEAMWORK: Promote collaboration without bounderies.
PERFORMANCE: Exceeds company's performance and targets



What we do for businesses

We provide a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web. These programs form the backbone of our own business; they've also enabled entrepreneurs and publishers around the world to grow theirs. Our advertising programs, which range from simple text ads to rich media ads, help businesses find customers, and help publishers make money off of their content. We also provide cloud computing tools for businesses that save money and help organizations be more productive.